MOLTEN 2024 and ISASMELT™ Test Hub Competition

Glencore Technology’s ISASMELT™ team and AusIMM have joined together to run a Competition in celebration of MOLTEN 2024 being held in Brisbane, Australia. 

The winning entry gets $USD 93,000 worth of pilot testing for your pyrometallurgical idea.  Here’s how it works… 

A critical need for metallurgical plants, mineral processing companies, engineering companies, consultancies and universities is testing the new processes they need to explore.  But it takes time, effort and money to get ideas tested and proven for the real world. 

Glencore Technology is building an ISASMELT™ Test Hub in Australia at the University of Queensland in collaboration with the PYROSEARCH group. The ISASMELT™ Test Hub will be using the F600 furnace for piloting.  The ISASMELT™ Test Hub will be thorough, low-cost, fast, clean, and safe.  It will take as little as twenty-eight (28) days since the samples arrival to deliver results.  Observers are welcome. 

The theme for MOLTEN 2024 focuses on ‘Sustainable Technologies’.  To be eligible to enter the competition you need to be registered for MOLTEN 2024 and submit before the deadline your sustainability-related pyrometallurgical test idea. 

A MOLTEN Competition Selection Committee will select the winner and the winner will be announced at a special presentation during MOLTEN 2024 in Brisbane. 

Who Can Use the ISASMELT™ Test Hub?

Available around September 2024, the ISASMELT™ Test Hub will enable you to explore concepts, test new feeds and bring forward critical financial decisions. 

Anyone who would like to test a material for how it behaves when smelted and needs to know the products that can be generated, the elemental distribution, fuming factors the slag quality and others.  Any non-ferrous feed that is mostly solids can be tested, including any primary ores, concentrates and post-consumer materials.  Some limits may apply to some hazardous substances and of course an MSDS is mandatory for transport and testing. 

Glencore Technology’s test work certificate, final product samples and report provides evidence that you can take to a management committee or board or bank to advance your project.  It ‘certifies’ the material can be smelted in an ISASMELT™ and describes how it could behave in other bath smelting technologies. 

Elemental assaying will be performed using techniques suitable for the materials being processed. XRF and ICP are the assaying techniques which are most likely to be suitable.  We will also help you determine a path forward to realise your smelting objective.   

Unusual or complicated test briefs are welcome, and these may shift the price slightly.  A standard 5 test runs, including elemental assays, will apply to most test needs. 

While your entry will be shown among other entries, the results if you win are yours. Commencement of the testwork is subject to the completion of Glencore Technology’s Know Your Counterparty (KYC) and non-disclosure agreement (NDA) processes as per conventional commercial relationships.

How To Enter

The world is transitioning to alternative energy sources, increasing the demand for critical and energy metals. In addition, the world is moving towards a circular economy model with increased recycling.  This creates critical opportunities for those in the pyrometallurgical space to contribute to this transition. 

To enter the competition, you’ll need to do two things. 

First, register for the MOLTEN 2024 conference.  Only submissions from registrants will be candidates for the main prize, with a value of up to $USD 93,000. 

Second, you’ll need to answer five simple questions on the Entry Form below before the closing date of 3pm AEST June 7th, 2024. 

  1. What materials do you propose to test? 
  2. What products do you believe can be produced? 
  3. What factors do you want to test for? 
  4. What outcomes would make for a ‘successful’ conclusion? 
  5. How does your idea contribute to the transition to a circular economy model? 

You may enter only one test concept.  All individuals registered for Molten 2024, from all companies, are welcome to submit, with the exception of employees and contractors of Glencore Technology. 

The best idea, as judged by the Committee, will be awarded the main prize, with a value of up to $USD 93,000. 

The committee will judge the winning idea based on four criteria – 

  1. How practical and safe it is, how well it delivers flowsheet improvements for the real world. 
  2. How well it is described, enabling the Committee to interpret and appraise your idea. 
  3. How clear the outcomes are and how well they would help the idea to be further explored. 
  4. How well it contributes to the transition to sustainability and the circular economy. 

The Committee’s decision is final.  The MOLTEN Competition Selection Committee consists of Professor Peter Hayes, Professor Eugene Jak and Professor Pekka Taskinen.

Second Prize For Non MOLTEN Registrants 

On offer globally, and not restricted to registrants of MOLTEN 2024, is a second prize of a discounted access to the ISASMELT™ Test Hub.  The prize value is a $USD 30,000 discount to the service. 

The Committee will select this winner, too, using the same selection criteria. 

To be eligible for the second prize, you do not need register for MOLTEN 2024.  If you are unable to attend MOLTEN 2024, but wish you could, this second prize may be of interest to you. 

Announcing The Winners

The winners of both competitions will be announced at the MOLTEN 2024 conference at a special presentation.

They will then be announced on social media by both Glencore Technology and AusIMM within 24 hours of the conclusion of the conference.

In addition, the winners will be notified by email, by Glencore Technology.


For any enquiries please contact

MOLTEN Competition Entry Form

Glencore Technology will use your personal information to identify you and communicate with you about this competition and our technology. Please read the Terms and Conditions of entry here.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. The following information details the conditions of entry into this competition. If participating, it is deemed that all terms and conditions have been agreed to and accepted by the person whose name is completed on the entry form as the entrant (“Entrant”).
  2. The MOLTEN 2024 Competition is not open to employees and contractors of Glencore Technology including their family members.
  3. The competition closes at 3pm AEST on 7th June 2024.
  4. Only registrants of the MOLTEN 2024 event may be considered for the main prize.
  5. The value of the main prize is up to USD $93,000 of ISASMELT™ Test Hub services.
  6. The value of the second prize is up to USD $30,000 of ISASMELT™ Test Hub services.
  7. You may enter only one idea into the competition.  Where multiple ideas are submitted, the MOLTEN Competition Selection Committee reserve the right to only consider the most recent idea submitted.
  8. The MOLTEN Competition Selection Committee decisions are final and may not be appealed. The MOLTEN Competition Selection Committee consists of Professor Peter Hayes, Professor Eugene Jak and Professor Pekka Taskinen.
  9. The winner/s of the competition will be announced on social media by both Glencore Technology and AusIMM within 24 hours of the conclusion of the MOLTEN 2024 conference.  In addition, the winner/s will be notified by email by Glencore Technology.
  10.  In submitting your form, you must understand that your information will be shared with the hosts of the event AusIMM.
  11. In entering the competition, the Entrant understands and agrees that Glencore Technology may use and disclose the information provided by the Entrant for the purposes (including marketing) set out in Glencore Technology’s Privacy Policy available on our website. If the Entrant wishes to access or correct the personal information that Glencore Technology holds about the Entrant, or if the Entrant does not wish the information to be disclosed by Glencore Technology, the Entrant should advise Glencore Technology by emailing
  12. Following the announcement of the winner/s and prior to Glencore Technology commencing the IsaSmelt™ Test Hub Services, the winner/s of both prizes acknowledge that they will be subject to Glencore’s Know Your Counterparty (KYC) process. For entities, we will ask for your registered company information, as well as your company structure, beneficial ownership information and directors' details. For individuals (sole traders), we will ask for your personal information, including name and business address. We will manage your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

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