Glencore Technology developed the first stainless steel production cathode in the late 1970s and has over 30 years experience in cathode plate development, design and manufacture. We are committed to continually improving our offerings to address customer needs. This has led to the development of different cathode types such as the HP, Isa Cathode BR™ and the Duplex Cathode.

Through KIDD PROCESS technology development, a cathode design was produced that targeted high-corrosion environments, such as liberator service in electrorefineries and high-corrosion electrowinning plants. 

Targeting high corrosion environments KIDD PROCESS developed and introduced the HP (High Performance) cathode in 2002 after extensive lab testing and field trials. The HP is the cathode of choice in high corrosion environment plants, as well as being favoured by many electrorefining plants seeking long reliable service life. 

The plate features a stainless steel jacket that encapsulates the solid copper head bar, protecting it from corrosion. A corrosion-resistant resin, specifically designed for copper service, protects the conductive interior weld between the head bar to the plate throughout the interior of the jacket. The hanger bar is finished with a high-quality sealing to prevent any ingress of electrolytes into the conductive interior weld. 

Specific jacket designs can be provided for different crane configurations and cell cover hood installations.

HP Cathode Plate

HP Cathode Plate

The ISA BR cathode was first introduced in 2003 and is the lowest resistance cathode plate on the market. Development included extensive testing in a large electrowinning plant in Chile, South America, and in our own refinery in Townsville, Australia, clearly demonstrating the value and benefits of BR design.

Copper plating on the hanger bar and blade can be applied to the depth and thickness required by customers, with commensurate improvements in electrical conductivity of the plate. 

The BR design can accommodate a wide range of electrode handling equipment and typically copper plating of 55mm down the blade can be achieved resulting in 10mV per cell power savings compared to standard designs.

BR Cathode Plate

BR Cathode Plate

Since the introduction in 2006 into electrowinning operations, ISAKIDDTM Technology seen a rapid acceptance of its patented Duplex Cathode Plates. They have proven to give excellent operational performance. 

The superior mechanical properties of the Duplex steel compared to the 316L grade allows more flexibility and reliability in the cathode stripping operation, without permanent deformation to the blade. The key advantages are:

  • lower cost plate than 316L 
  • superior mechanical strength compared with 316L 
  • equivalent corrosion resistance in operation vs 316L 
  • patented Duplex Stainless Steel cathode design 
  • unique surface finish to enhance stripping performance 
  • successful operation in EW and ER tankhouses 
  • available for BR & HP style plates