Eliminate landfill and transform residual waste into safe and valuable products with ISACYCLE™

ISACYCLE™ repurposes the world’s most flexible smelter to help you transform residual waste, including e-scrap, and transform it into saleable commodities… all for half the cost of traditional incinerator technology.

ISACYCLE™ Resource Recovery has been tested, proven and is now available in sizes that are suitable for both large and small waste treatment facilities.

ISACYCLE™ applies a leading base-metal processing technology, ISASMELT™, to solve a major gap in the waste treatment sector.  Because while conventional incinerators can reduce landfill, they fall short of the objectives being increasingly expected by society –

  1. They cannot control the process ‘reactions’ to generate dense and homogeneous products within tight specifications
  2. They cannot operate at the temperatures required to transform residual waste into safe and useful products
  3. They cannot be economically viable on their own

ISACYCLE™ is a small-scale controlled smelter technology for the urban environment to treat and monetise residual waste.

  1. ISACYCLE™ reduces waste volume to hit the most ambitious targets
  2. It transforms unavoidable waste into a safe products like road-base that locks elements into a dense glass like product
  3. ISACYCLE™ reclaims from waste the metals that can be recycled and sold.

And it achieves all these in a plant roughly half the size and half the cost of ‘traditional’ incinerator technologies.

ISACYCLE™ reduces waste...

...and transforms it...

...into saleable products.

How ISACYCLE™ works

ISACYCLE™ is an upright cylindrical reactor and a lance which is submerged into the molten bath to inject air / oxygen.

Your waste facility’s material is fed through the top.  The injection of air and oxygen creates a turbulent bath that gives rapid self-sustaining reactions, so no further energy is needed.

After reaction, the molten products of the ISACYCLE ™ are tapped from the bottom.

What does ISACYCLE™ produce?

ISACYCLE™ generates five outputs –

  1. Slag that encases residual and inert elements
  2. Recovered metal alloys
  3. Recovered metal dust
  4. Steam which is turned into energy
  5. Clean offgas

Generated Slag

Metal Alloys

Smelter vs Incinerator

ISACYCLE™ is not a Waste to Energy Incinerator.  These cannot cannot transform waste because they are limited in temperature range and cannot be controlled adequately.

ISACYCLE™ is a reactor like a ‘real’ smelter.  It transforms waste and can be tightly controlled.

Proven for 30 years

ISACYCLE™ is based on the ISASMELT™ which processes more than 14 million tonnes of feed in 13 plants around the world.  It’s flexible, has a small footprint and its environmental performance is world class.

The global push to ESG and ‘net zero’

Governments and companies want an innovative waste treatment process that:

  • Produces valuable and refined end products with existing markets
  • Generates by-products with sustainable end uses
  • Is highly energy and cost efficient
  • Is economically feasible, pays its own way and costs less than existing methods
  • Operates at high temperature to destroy any toxic or hazardous components in the solid waste
  • Has been proven, minimising project risk
  • Is socially acceptable and environmentally responsible

ISACYCLE™ delivers this with less capital than a traditional, and less effective, incinerator.


How to begin your ISACYCLE™ project

Contact Glencore Technology’s pyrometallurgical team today to learn how to begin your ISACYCLETM project.

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