Easy to install and commission

​With no moving parts in the cell and auxiliary equipment such as rotors or blowers and compressors to install, the Jameson Cell is quick and simple to install.

All Jameson Cells undergo a full trial assembly prior to delivery to site. All parts fit perfectly together during plant installation making the whole process extremely straightforward. And with no auxiliary equipment to install other than a feed pump, labour requirements are minimal. After installation, start up and commissioning is even simpler – it only needs the feed pump to operate to the designed flow and pressure. 

Glencore Technology's team of experienced engineers provides technical support during every aspect of a project to ensure every Jameson Cell functions as designed. With each cell installation, we undertake a post installation review and then work closely with the client in the dry and wet commissioning phases of the project. Operator training is an important part of this process. We provide ongoing off site technical support long after the commissioning phase of the project and we are available to visit your site to provide further operator and engineer training, and to review and optimise your flotation circuit as required.

Easy to install