The Albion Process™ is a proven atmospheric oxidative leaching process for base and precious metals that is reliable, safe and highly favourable economically.

It can boost recoveries for zinc, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, nickel, lead, platinum group metals (PGMs), and refractory silver and gold.

The process comprises two main steps for efficient recovery of valuable metals.

The first step is mechanical liberation using an IsaMill™ to grind the Albion Process™ feed particles to a narrow size distribution. This prevents passivation of the mineral surfaces in the subsequent oxidative leaching step.

The second step is chemical liberation achieved by injecting supersonic oxygen into the base of a series of Albion Process™ Leach Reactors continuously fed with the ground concentrate. Oxygen is injected using the HyperSparge™ supersonic oxygen injection system to maximise oxygen mass transfer and drive the oxidative leaching reactions.

Traditional and alternative leaching systems can be expensive or high-risk to operate and maintain. The Albion Process™ is simple and safe. It’s also the fastest leaching process to install, and has taken as little as six weeks to commission and begin operating at design recovery and throughput rates.


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