Slurry Storage
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The ZipaTank™ is an innovative approach to slurry storage and leaching tanks that incorporates modular components and mechanical joins to provide all the benefits of a traditional welded tank, but with lower costs, reduced installation times and far greater flexibility. 

The ZipaTank™ consists of individual components that are sized for transport in standard 40 ft international shipping containers. These components are connected to form the tank shell and the tank base using a mechanical join that can be rapidly installed with little or no site welding. The ZipaTank™ mechanical joins are designed to be as strong as a welded joint. 

All components of the ZipaTank™ are fabricated under controlled workshop conditions. This ensures a higher quality finish than is possible with field fabrication. Controlled workshop conditions also allow lower cost lined components to be used in construction of the ZipaTank™, without the loss in quality often associated with field applied linings at remote sites.