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Jameson Cell flotation gives you more concentrate per dollar, per metre and per year

Jameson Cell has real-world success in 430+ installations across 30 countries and has featured in countless papers, case studies and reviews.

It creates the smallest bubbles for the highest particle attachment, to deliver the most concentrate.

Jameson Cell has no moving parts so it has maximum availability and easy maintenance. In fact, common maintenance can be performed without it being taken offline.

Jameson Cell has 100% accurate scale-up reliability and is the real-word specification in any and all duties within a flotation circuit:

  • rougher and scavenger duty
  • cleaner and cleaner scavenger duty.

In fact, a single Jameson Cell has successfully replaced a traditional circuit of cells; and unlike other competing cells, it has no moving parts.

The Jameson Cell was developed to overcome the design and operating inadequacies of conventional flotation cells and column cells. And from its first installation it has been continuously improved to make it easier to use.  Designs are now at Mark V.

They’re treating coal, base and precious metals, potash, bitumen, graphite, and recovering organic in solvent extraction processes. They have proven exceptional performance in moly and gold.

Jameson Cell is also an ideal technology for non-sulfide and industrial minerals in addition to reverse flotation.

In short, the Jameson Cell is an efficient, low maintenance, high intensity flotation technology for new plants or low cost plant expansions.

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Jameson Cell at a glance

The Jameson Cell is an innovative flotation process driven by fluid mechanics. The advantages of modern Jameson Cells are:

  • consistent fine bubble generation with no external equipment or spargers
  • intense mixing with small bubbles achieving rapid flotation without mechanical agitation
  • high throughput in a small footprint
  • froth washing maximizes concentrate grade in a single flotation stage
  • fast response and easy control
  • steady operation and performance irrespective of changes in feed flow
  • no moving parts, simple to install and maintain, excellent availability.
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