​IsaMill™ technology is a major advance in processing. It was developed over a long period in Glencore operations and at our client sites. This has resulted in a technology package that is more than just a mill. It includes all aspects needed to design and incorporate high intensity grinding into a flowhsheet.

Technology partnership concept

Our technology partnership concept is the vehicle that makes this body of knowledge and experience available to you, enabling your company to achieve the full potential benefits of IsaMill™ Technology.

  • Glencore Technology has an ongoing technical relationship with all users
  • We facilitate interchange of learnings between users.
  • IsaMill™ Technology has been a core part of Glencore processing operations since 1994. This commitment continues to grow with 25 IsaMills™ operating at various Glencore concentrator facilities.
  • Our extensive operating experience combined with the latest equipment and process developments, to produce a package that allows rapid technology transfer to your operation.
  • Glencore Technology is obligated to carry world-class technical support resources for the benefit of Glencore's operations. These same resources are made available to our technology partners.
  • IsaMill™ users are invited to participate in regular international technology meetings to share learnings and latest developments.

IsaMill™ engineering

IsaMill™ technology includes not just the grinding mill – it incorporates the entire grinding system. From design through to construction, commissioning and maintenance, our engineering resources have developed grinding systems that work. This reduces the risk to customers, both the end user and engineering firms.

Glencore Technology works closely with customers though the lifecycle of the technology applied in the customer plant. Our involvement often starts with conceptual study through the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of the system. This is achieved through Glencore Technology's own extensive engineering resources currently located in Australia, Africa, South and North America. These resources are being continually expanded.

IsaMill™ technology can be delivered to the customer under a variety of models to allow for maximum flexibility without compromising on quality or cost. The scope includes process and engineering design, supply, and commissioning of a complete grinding system delivered to customer's site for easy installation by a local contractor. This can incorporate auxiliary equipment that makes up the IsaMill™ technology package (associated tanks, hoppers, pumps, platforms and pipework).

  • Model 1: Process and engineering design, supply and commissioning of a fully integrated modular grinding system delivered to customer's site for easy installation by a local contractor. The grinding system can consist of the IsaMill™ alone, or can be extended to include associated auxiliary equipment including but not limited to tanks, hopper, pumps and pipework.
  • Model 2: Process and engineering design, supply, construction and commissioning of a fully integrated grinding system on a turn key basis.
  • Model 3: For more extensive plants with Glencore Technology non-proprietary technologies, e.g. flotation, CIL or coarse grinding. Glencore Technology and our partners can provide an EPCM-type solution or customise the contract to suit particular situation. The benefit of Glencore Technology's EPCM delivery is that we still offer a lump sum price for a significant part of the project cost.

From Manufacture to Mine

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Glencore Technology

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