Horizontal layout

Horizontal layout

The horizontal layout enables a plugflow design. This avoids short circuiting and makes the mill far less sensitive to process disturbances. The horizontal design allows the mill to start under load and translates to simpler maintenance. 

Slurry plugflow

Plug flow is characteristic of the horizontal IsaMill™ design which when combined with the IsaMill™'s short residence time and product separator results in a product size distribution that is always much sharper than the feed and considerably sharper than alternative technologies.

Horizontal layout for simple mill access

The most crucial part of any mill maintenance is access. Unlike conventional mills where maintenance is done inside the mill and scaffolding and 'working at heights' equipment is often a requirement, IsaMill™ maintenance is done at platform level.

The IsaMill™ the shell is removed from the mill internals making access easier and shutdowns faster. IsaMill™ maintenance is done external to the mill and on the grinding platform. There is no need for scaffolding.

The advantages of the IsaMill's™ horizontal configuration include simple overhead (or mobile) crane requirements and simple media handling.

Media can be dropped into the integrated media hopper and is retrieved and returned to the IsaMill™ via the IsaCharger™ media handling system.

Easy start-up after stops

Unlike alternative technologies the horizontal layout of the IsaMill™ means it starts easily after every mill stop, even after being crash stopped at full load – all the IsaMill™ discs are available to achieve breakaway torque through the settled media load.