Easier to operate and maintain

Easier to operate and maintain

Albion Process™ doesn’t have complicated equipment operating at high pressures. The equipment consists of low maintenance slurry pumps, agitators, valves, HyperSparge™, tanks and thickeners.

These items are basic in design and require non-specialised skills and procedures to operate and maintain and are all well understood. Even if the instrumentation fails on an Albion plant, generally the plant can keep running.

Albion Process™ comprises established, reliable and proven unit operations such as the IsaMill™, Albion Process™ Leach Reactors, HyperSparge™, pumps and thickeners. This means the process is flexible, simple, robust and reliable.

The most critical part of the Albion Process™ is the delivery and transfer of oxygen to where it is needed to drive the oxidation reactions in the Albion Process™ Leach Reactors. This is achieved through the specially designed oxygen mass transfer system in the Albion Process™ Leach Reactors.

Oxygen is injected at supersonic velocities through a set of HyperSparge™ lances into the Albion Process™ Leach Reactors. Process interruption is minimised because the HyperSparge™ units can be removed from the Albion Process™ Leach Reactors and inspected while the other HyperSparge™ units are operating and without scuttling leach reactors.