Project Development

​Glencore Technology provides lump sum equipment design and supply packages to all Albion Process™ clients. The scope of supply includes the full IsaMill™ grinding plant and the oxidative leaching circuit in modular components. All structural steel, piping and launders, platforms, stairways and support structures are supplied by Glencore Technology, along with full civil and foundation design. Construction is supplied by the client, with supervision labour provided by Glencore Technology. 

The Albion Process™ plant is low cost and low risk, and in corporates all of Glencore Technology's knowhow in the 20 year development history of the IsaMill™ and Albion Process™ technologies. Glencore Technology can work with a client's EPCM contractor to ensure that the Albion Process™ plant interfaces with all other plant areas in an efficient manner. 

Glencore Technology involvement in a project usually begins at the testwork stage, with a testwork program designed for the client by Glencore Technology and carried out at an approved testing facility. The purpose of the testwork is to determine the amenability of the process to your feed but also gather fundamental design data. We recognise that not all clients will have large quantities of sample for testwork so programs are developed considering this limitation.

Glencore Technology can then provide a low cost +35% Class 4 study on the capital and operating costs of the Albion Process™ plant as one of the outcomes of this initial testwork program. Glencore Technology can also provide Feasibility Study services, ultimately leading to a lump sum equipment design and supply package, which is fully guaranteed by Glencore Technology. 

As an introduction to the Albion Process™ technology, Glencore Technology can provide a high level desktop capital and operating cost estimates for an Albion Process™ plant at no cost to the clients, once provided with a concentrate composition and a planned throughput. 

Albion Process™ Technology

Albion Process™ Technology

A typical development program for an Albion Process™ project would proceed in five phases. These phases are a general description and depends on the context of the project which would be discussed in detail with the client:

  • Phase 1 – Testwork program aimed to determine process amenability and obtain basic design data. Order Of Magnitude Class 5 (AACEI) Engineering Study 

  • Phase 2 – Scoping Level Evaluation Testwork Program and Class 4 (AACEI) Engineering Study 
  • Phase 3 – Pre-Feasibility Level Evaluation Testwork and Class 3 (AACEI) Engineering Study
  • Phase 4 ‒ Feasibility Level Evaluation Testwork and Class 2 (AACEI) Definitive Feasibility Study 
  • Phase 5 – Project Implementation as a Lump Sum Plant Design and supply package from Glencore Technology

For more details on the different phases of a typical Albion Process™ development program download the brochure below.

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