Glencore Technology has a long history of developing and providing a wide range of Electrode Handling Equipment, suitable for all types of cathode plates.

ISAKIDD™ offers electrode handling machines for all volumes of cathode handling.

This means you secure fit for purpose and value. ISAKIDD™ was first to use robotics for electrode handling in tankhouses, greatly improving efficiencies, while improving handling practices.

The same technology was adapted for copper stripping operations in electro-winning and electro-refining, successfully stripping cathodes using robotics.

ISAKIDD™ engineers realised that to increase stripping rates with existing technologies meant designing the process for the ‘rare’ problematic cathode, which posed a stripping limitation with mechanical stripping machines. However with the development of the robotic stripping machines, they can overcome this limitation, as they can be programmed to accommodate the many and varied forms of copper cathode that can be produced in tankhouse operations.

ISAKIDD™ engineers have further optimised the stripping process with proprietary stripping mechanisms, enabling high speed, successful stripping operations.

Our semi-automatic cathode stripping machine forms processes automatically and manually under hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control systems. Receiving, washing, pivot transferring, flexing and chiselling, stacking, discharging and rejection are all provided.

New developments in copper stripping
ISAKIDD Technology Robotics

Robotic Stripping Machine

The robotic stripping machine is based on the learnings of over 30 years of copper refining and winning technology. It still uses flexing rams, to release the copper deposits from the stainless steel cathode, as well as a ‘pre-opening’ device to ensure separation at the top of the copper and the mother blank.

The robotic stripping function is performed by robots fitted with a proprietary wedge tool at the end of the robot arm. The wedge tool has been designed to slide between the copper deposit and the mother blank to prevent scratching of the stainless steel mother plate, and then ‘down ends’ the copper to produce either individual or envelope copper sheets.

This approach greatly improves splitting and separation with minimal deformation of copper sheets, even where lamination has occurred and with no impact on the stainless steel.

The robotic stripping function can successfully strip poorly grown cathode copper that cannot be handled by conventional machines.

Efficient and reliable, the robust stripping technology and can be designed for low and high capacity automatic operation, across a wide range of cathode types.


All our robotic and semi-automatic machines are guaranteed for 12 months. Fabrication and functionality are secured. Performance testing is made and handover is not considered complete until the machine is performing as we promised.

Equipment and technology available:

  • Cathode stripping (single sheet and enveloped) 
  • Anode preparation 
  • Anode scrap washing 
  • Tankhouse cranes 
  • Tankhouse management system 


Watch the Robotic Cathode Stripping Machine Video.

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