ISASMELT™ Test Hub Service

Get a process certificate in 28 days of exactly what your smelter feed can produce.

A key need for metallurgical plants, mineral processing companies, engineering companies, consultancies and universities is to test the new processes they need to explore.  But it takes time, effort and money to get ideas tested and proven for the real world.

Glencore Technology’s ISASMELT™ Test Hub at the University of Queensland in Australia is a new service offered in conjunction with the renowned PYROSEARCH group. The ISASMELT™ Test Hub uses a dedicated F600 furnace for piloting your ideas.  It is thorough, low cost, fast, clean, and safe.

The Test Hub takes as little as twenty-eight days after the samples arrival to deliver you the results.  A standard 5-test service is likely to cost about $USD 93,000.  And it’s available from September, 2024.

What the ISASMELT™ Test Hub Gives You

The ISASMELT™ Test Hub lets you to explore concepts, test new feeds and bring forward critical financial decisions.  It lets you test a material for how it behaves when smelted, what products that can be generated, the elemental distribution, fuming factors the slag quality and other factors.

Any non-ferrous feed that is mostly solids can be tested, including any primary ores, concentrates and post-consumer materials.  Some limits may apply to some hazardous substances and of course an MSDS is mandatory for transport and testing.

Glencore Technology’s Test Work Certificate, final product samples and Test Hub Report provides evidence that you can take to a management committee or board or bank to advance your project.  It ‘certifies’ the material can be smelted in an ISASMELT™ and describes how it could behave in other bath smelting technologies.

Elemental assaying will be performed using techniques suitable for the materials being processed. XRF and ICP are the assaying techniques which are most likely to be suitable.  We will also help you determine a path forward to realise your smelting objective.  

Unusual or complicated test briefs are welcome, and these may shift the price slightly.  A standard 5 test runs, including elemental assays, will apply to most test needs.

Glencore Technology will sign an NDA with you for IP protection.  And if you’re geographically close, you are welcome to observe your testing.

Find Out More

The ISASMELT™ Test Hub will be available from September 2024.  To learn more, fill out the form below.

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