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Process Training and Technology Transfer

Experience shows that thorough process training is essential for the successful transfer of technology. With all ISASMELT™ implementations, a strong emphasis is placed on training, technology and knowledge transfer to all operators at the customer's site. We employ a proven mix of onsite and classroom training to ensure that all personnel are adequately skilled in not just the theory, but the practical application of ISASMELT™. 

The client's operating staff is trained at Mount Isa, where they gain the valuable hands-on experience to become competent operators. The aim of this training is to provide the client with skilled operators who are thoroughly equipped to run the new plant by the end of the construction phase. This means that the commissioning phase is kept to a minimum and that the plant reaches rated capacity in the shortest possible time. It also results in significant savings in time and money during the initial months of operation.

Though training is tailored to the needs of the client's teams, generally the following subjects are covered:

  • Process flow-sheets 
  • Heat, energy and material balances 
  • Control of process chemistry 
  • Furnace refractories 
  • Process control and instrumentation 
  • Feed preparation 
  • ISASMELT™ furnace operations including lance-changing and maintenance (cold and hot commissioning of the ISASMELT™ furnace, cold test runs, start-up, shutdown (normal and emergency), maintenance and trouble-shooting cases 
  • Furnace re-bricking procedures 
  • Safety