Why choose HyperSparge™

Increased Leaching Rates

The HyperSparge™ produces a highly turbulent mixing zone between the gas jet and the process slurry or solution, resulting in high local shear rates. The high shear rates enhance diffusion controlled processes such as oxygen mass transfer. When coupled with the fine bubble size and high gas-liquid interfacial area generated by the supersonic gas stream, mass transfer is improved by an order of magnitude compared to conventional sparging systems.

Lower Oxygen Consumption

The superior mass transfer characteristics of the HyperSparge™ increases the efficiency of oxygen transfer to the process. This results in less oxygen lost to exhaust gas, and lower operating costs for the leach or oxidation process.

Live Insertion, Removal and Maintenance - no process downtime

The HyperSparge™ is mounted externally to the leach or oxidation vessel, and inserted through the side at waist height. The sparger can be easily removed for maintenance while the process is live, and maintenance to the HyperSparge™ does not result in process downtime.

Improved Safety

The HyperSparge™ system is not just a sparger, it is a combination of several key parts, including the hose, insertion and sparger systems, with each one specifically designed to be intrinsically safe. In particular the insertion assembly has multiple failsafe protection systems to prevent slurry leakage during maintenance. The hose also has a series of inbuilt non return valves, to prevent gas escaping from the system, while the sparger assembly has several check valves to prevent ingress of slurry into the hose and gas manifold.

Lower Cyanide use in CIL Circuits

The high efficiency of the HyperSparge™ system results in a reduction in gas requirements, as well as reducing the exhaust gas volumes. This results in a significant reduction in the loss of volatile components such as cyanide to the process exhaust gas.

Simple Design and Construction

The HyperSparge™ has been designed with simplicity and operability in mind. No threaded components are used in any part of the sparger in contact with slurry, and the unique nozzle design of the HyperSparge™ makes the sparger largely self regulating. Also only one pressure regulator is required for a sparging system, reducing the complexity of the system .

Robust, Long Life Materials

The HyperSparge™ is manufactured from DN15 or DN25 stainless steel pipe, depending on the local stresses generated in the leaching tank. Spargers can be manufactured out of duplex or higher alloy steel for corrosive applications. The spargers are designed to last for years of continuous service.

The HyperSparge™ nozzle is manufactured out of the same hard wearing ceramic that has been proven over years of service in Glencore Technology's Jameson Cells flotation process.

HyperSparge™ installation, Germany

High wear nozzle

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