​The ISASMELT™ process is both simple and versatile. The same basic furnace, with its detailed design and control systems appropriately optimised, can be used for a variety of different applications.

Commercial scale plants have been built for smelting lead concentrates, copper/nickel concentrates, secondary copper materials and for recycling scrap lead.

Plant expansions can be accommodated by increasing the oxygen content of the process air injected down the lance. When a new oxygen plant was constructed at Mount Isa in 1998, the oxygen content of the flow down the ISASMELT™ lance was increased from approximately 45% to more than 60%. This resulted in a significant increase in the production capacity of the furnace.

Latest innovation to ISASMELT™ process reduces capital cost and improves environmental management - click here to learn more about the ISASMELT™ Continuous Copper Converting developments.