Technology Partnership

Technology Partnership

Glencore is itself a committed user of ISASMELT™. It has a vested interest in developing and providing world-class technical resources which benefit its own operations. We make these resources available to all users of the technology partnership.

The technology partnership offers ISASMELT™ licensees a package that is much more than the supply of key design and equipment. We combine our many years of operational experience with the latest technology developments, delivering rapid and successful transfer of the ISASMELT™ process to client plants. This partnership sustains an efficient operation into the future.

By implementing ISASMELT™ technology, clients join a global group of Glencore Technology ISASMELT™ licensees and have access to a technical exchange program that encapsulates the experiences, improvements and developments of all technology users. At Glencore Technology, we facilitate continual improvement opportunities in ISASMELT™ by:

  • Hosting technology licensee meetings, where all licensees meet to discuss issues and share experiences and improvements in the technology as well as safety, operating and maintenance improvements. 
  • Promoting and maintaining regular contact between Glencore Technology technical personnel and licensees to discuss current issues and potential improvements. 
  • Arranging for licensees to visit Mount Isa operations and other licensee sites for information exchange.

Licensee workshops

Every two years we bring together all licensees of the ISASMELT™ technology in a forum designed to facilitate the ongoing exchange of ideas, experiences and improvements for the use of the technology. 

Our most recent ISASMELT™ licensee workshop was held in Phoenix, USA, in August 2019.

Welcoming to the ISASMELT™ Licensees Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona
Presenting at ISASMELT™ Licensees Conference workshop 2019