Accurate design and scale-up

Accurate design and scale-up

​Accurate testwork and scale-up is essential for optimal plant performance. The hydrodynamic conditions for particle collection inside the downcomer and separation in the tank are identical between laboratory, pilot plant and full scale Jameson Cells. Scale-up is direct and proven. As a result, the use of Jameson Cell technology in your flowsheet significantly reduces project risk.

Glencore Technology has the operational experience and expertise to supply Jameson Cells to meet project design criteria and ensure effortless flowsheet integration. Using pilot or laboratory scale test units, we can design a testwork program to suit your needs. If Jameson Cell testwork is not practical we can use our extensive body of knowledge, testwork and full scale data to recommend a system suitable for you. In many cases, standard laboratory based testwork, using mechanical cells, can be used for Jameson Cell sizing. 

Testwork options 

Glencore Technology can recommend and organise batch laboratory tests using an L150/1 laboratory unit or continuous onsite testwork using an L500/1 pilot plant test rig. All Jameson Cell test rigs come complete with auxiliary equipment including downcomer assembly, pump box with tailings recycle arrangement, feed pump, wash water system, control panel, valves and instrumentation. Continuous onsite pilot plant testing produces the most reliable results for design and simulates full scale operation. The benefits of onsite testwork include the following: 

  • Ability to test a representative stream from the existing plant and to assess flotation performance with variations in plant feed. 
  • Ability to investigate and understand the effect of process variables on flotation performance. Jameson Cell process parameters can be deliberately manipulated to assess performance over the entire grade-recovery range. 
  • Flexibility to perform as many tests as desired to 'prove up' design. 


With conventional or column flotation technologies scale-up factors are required when using laboratory or pilot plant results for full scale design. These factors account for variations in cell geometry, mixing patterns (short circuiting) and energy intensity between the different sized units. Scale-up factors may also change depending upon the duty, feed characteristics and flotation kinetics. 

For Jameson Cell design, no scale-up factors are required. This is because the jet velocity, air entrainment and hydrodynamic conditions for mixing are identical across different sized cells from laboratory to full scale. The operating principle and process parameters of the downcomer are exactly the same irrespective of cell size. For large cell sizes, simply more downcomers are used. Direct scale-up has been proven across different applications including coal, base and precious metals, solvent extraction and industrial minerals.

Direct scale-up for coal

Direct scale-up for base metals

Jameson Cell L500/1 pilot scale unit