Minimal maintenance - high availability

Minimal maintenance - high availability

​Jameson Cell maintenance is minimal and relies on usual monitoring of process conditions and conducting periodic inspections. Inspections are quick and can be completed without tools.

The maintenance benefits of the Jameson Cell technology include: 

  • no moving parts
  • safe to maintain
  • easy access to serviceable components
  • wear parts can be changed on the run
  • no special tools required for routine inspection and maintenance procedures
  • no lubricants required
  • slurry lens orifice has a long service life (+ 5 years) under normal operating conditions.
  • a long service life (+ 10 years) for other wet end wear parts under normal operating conditions. 

Each downcomer on the Jameson Cell unit is able to be isolated individually without affecting the performance of the cell. This ability to safely perform maintenance with the cell online means the Jameson Cell has a very high availability. Developments such as the AISE (Air Isolating Slurry Eliminating) valve fitted to individual air lines have significantly reduced the time required for routine checks to the downcomer. The whole downcomer assembly is fitted with stainless steel quick release clamps which are easy to take apart and put back together.

Stainless steel clamps (left) and slurry lens (right).