Base and precious metals

Base and precious metals

The integration of Jameson Cell technology into a flowsheet produces a robust and efficient plant requiring less flotation cells, equipment, and space. Consistent fine bubble generation, high intensity mixing, and froth washing allow Jameson Cells to recover minerals quickly and at superior concentrate grades compared to mechanical cells.

The Jameson Cell's ability to treat large throughputs in a small footprint makes them perfect for inclusion into retrofit and expansion projects.

The Jameson Cell is particularly suited for: 

  • Removal of naturally hydrophobic gangue (carbon and talc) at the head of the flotation circuit where Jameson Cells act as roughers, or rougher cleaners, minimising entrainment of the valuable minerals to the 'throw away' concentrate. Performance that mechanical cells simply cannot match. 
  • Pre-roughing and roughing duties where selectivity and froth washing produce a high grade concentrate in a single stage. When the feed contains liberated, fast floating mineral particles, the Jameson Cell produces final grade product reducing the number of cells required for downstream processing. The recovery in one Jameson Cell is usually equivalent to several mechanical cells. 
  • Pre-cleaning (scalping) duties where the Jameson Cell recovers the fast floating minerals producing a final grade concentrate. In this duty the Jameson Cell takes the load off downstream processing reducing the required size of the conventional cleaning circuit. A pre-cleaning Jameson Cell offers a quick, simple and cost effective solution for plants requiring additional cleaner capacity. 
  • When mechanical cleaning circuits are unable to consistently produce final grade concentrates due to entrained gangue, the Jameson Cell with its superior selectivity and froth washing is able produce the required final concentrate grade. 

Jameson Cells are installed in copper, gold, copper-gold, lead-zinc-silver, nickel and platinum operations throughout the world.

Jameson Cell in copper cleaner scalper flotation at Prominent Hill, Australia

Copper scalping

Washwater - Base metals