Find out how Albion Process™ delivers better returns and reduces risk for your project.

Accurate modelling means less risk

The Albion Process™ plant is developed in three stages, from the laboratory to full-scale, to ensure it will deliver design throughput and plant recoveries.

Significantly less expensive and easier to install

The capital equipment required in the Albion Process™ is considerably less than what’s needed in alternative leaching processes.

Easy to learn and on-board

As we install your Albion Process™ plant, we begin a thorough technology transfer with our technology experts, metallurgists and maintenance experts and we train your team at your site before, during and after commissioning.

Tolerates a broader feed variation

The Albion Process™ is not affected by variations in feed quality and quantity, provided the oxidation demand is kept within the capacity of the oxygen plant. This is not difficult.

Easier to operate and maintain

The Albion Process™ doesn’t have complicated equipment operating at high pressures. The equipment consists of low maintenance slurry pumps, agitators, valves, HyperSparge™, tanks and thickeners.