High production in a small footprint

Consistent generation of fine bubbles results in significantly more bubble surface area for flotation than alternative technologies. High carrying capacities allow large tonnages to be treated in a small cell volume.

High concentrate grades

Fine air bubbles, intense mixing, high bubble loading, and efficient froth washing ensures superior grade concentrates compared to mechanical cells. Liberated and fast floating particles can be recovered to a final concentrate in a single step, transforming traditional flowsheet designs.

Easy to tune - quick to respond

The Jameson Cell quickly reaches equilibrium and can continue operating if feed supply is interrupted. Tailings recycle eliminates negative effects of fluctuating feed flow to give constant downcomer flow, consistent performance and simple startup. The cell operates at a constant feed pressure providing consistent hydrodynamic action inside the downcomer which is essential for particle collection. High intensity results in fast kinetics and less time required to reach steady state after process changes.

Minimal maintenance - high availability

No moving parts and no external air supply keeps maintenance simple and low cost. The highest wear component, the slurry lens orifices, has a wear life in excess of five years. Downcomer maintenance can be performed while the cell is operating in under ten minutes.

Easy to install and commission

There are no rotors, compressors or blowers to install or operate. A feed pump is the only equipment that requires power. Commissioning is fast and simple. The cell can reach design capacity quickly after commissioning.

Flexible cell designs

Cells are sized based on the number of downcomers required to accommodate the design flowrate. The tank can be designed to fit into restricted spaces making it ideal for retrofits/replacement and expansion projects. Materials of construction are flexible and cells can be fabricated to suit the needs of the client and application.

Accurate design and scale-up

Direct scale-up from laboratory and pilot scale testwork is proven therefore scaleup factors are not required. As a result, using Jameson Cell technology in your flowsheet significantly reduces project risk.

Proven technology

From its beginnings in the base metals industry over 20 years ago, the Jameson Cell has become the flotation technology of choice in both the coal and solvent extraction industries. Its prominence in specialist duties within base and precious metals concentrator circuits is firmly established and it is seeing increasing use in areas as diverse as industrial minerals and oil sands.

Quality and continual development

Continuous design improvements have resulted in a flotation technology with high availability, long component life and low operating costs.