Convert more Matte into metal with less capital, less emission and less energy


ISACONVERT™ takes proven ISASMELT™ technology and applies it to converting to create a lower-cost, higher-performance, and environmentally responsible continuous converter.


And it works, in the real world.


ISACONVERT™ is a natural extension of ISASMELT™.

More than 14 million tonnes of feed per year are treated in 13 ISASMELT™ plants around the world. They demonstrate that the ISASMELT™ top submerged lance smelters are low in capex and opex, low in maintenance, low in environmental impact, flexible in duty, fast to ramp up and easy to run. 

ISACONVERT™ creates a continuous converter that delivers the same advantages.


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ISACONVERT™ is lower cost, flexible, easy to use, significantly better for the environment, and safe.

ISACONVERT™ compared to Peirce Smith Converters

ISACONVERT™ is an ideal way to upgrade traditional batch converting plants that use Peirce Smith converters because like ISASMELT™, your ISACONVERT™ plant is compact. This delivers cost and environmental gains that are significant.

ISACONVERT™ compared to Flash Converters

Unlike the relatively quiescent Flash furnace, ISACONVERT™’s compact furnace contains a highly agitated molten bath, so process reactions are quicker and there’s less chance for accretion, saving lost time in maintenance and remelting.

ISACONVERT™ is easy to operate

An automated control system means just one operator can run each of the smelting and converting vessels from a single centralised control room.

ISACONVERT™ is flexible in feeds

You can treat a range of matte and slag materials in your new ISACONVERT™. In fact, third party feeds, including scrap, slimes and similar high value residues, can be mixed with the matte to produce a custom blend.

ISACONVERT™ is safer to use

ISACONVERT™ is very safe. There is less opportunity for toxic emissions. Automated systems with fewer workers mean less exposure to hot metal and toxic gases. There’s no need for tuyere punching operators. And there’s no need for crane drivers being exposed to fumes while transporting matte or copper between furnaces.

Kansanshi at a Glance

ISACONVERT™ is proven in the real world

The first commercial-scale ISACONVERT™ at the First Quantum Minerals’ Kansanshi smelter in Zambia is a success. It was built to accommodate additional feed from a future expansion.

It was commissioned in 2019 and run over four short campaigns when possible and safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, and by April 2021 had satisfied all of First Quantum’s requirements. 

  1. Successfully commissioned.
  2. Met all production targets.
  3. Enabled a fast ramp-up.
  4. Demonstrated good blister quality with low sulphur content.
  5. Proved easy to operate and control.
  6. Optimised slag chemistry, resulting in low refractory wear.

How to explore ISACONVERT™ for your operation

Glencore Technology can only commence a few ISACONVERT™ programmes concurrently and still deliver the service you expect, so make contact early. We’ll conduct a testing process and engineering study with you like any major project.

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