The World’s First Portable Furnace is just USD $450,000

Pyrometallurgical test work that used to take months using an external provider with a specialist furnace can now be done by you – in a day – on location.

The ISASMELT™ F600 comes pre-built and pre-commissioned.  And because it uses the unique top-submerged lance technology (TSL) as a full-scale ISASMELT™, it’s flexible enough to perform any duty you need in the real world.  For instance, you can oxidise impurities out of feeds with precious metals.

The F600 is available now for just USD $450,000.  Hire options are also available.

The F600 at a glance

  • The F600 is easy to run yet highly flexible
  • It’s pre-commissioned, so there are no surprises – safe plug-and-play at any location
  • It’s a miniaturised working ISASMELT™ furnace, so it’s easily scalable and comes with all the benefits of the advanced ISASMELT™ technology
  • It’s customisable, so it’ll perform R&D test work on any process
  • As an owner-operator, you can replicate your existing smelter and test sustainable operation with new feed materials, reducing risk and keeping all the know-how

Installing and using the F600

Installation is very straightforward.  It arrives tested, partially disassembled, packed in five creates and all within a shipping container.

Using it is also easy.  The lance injects enriched air into the miniature bath, reacting the feed.  When ready, the lance is removed and the furnace tilted to remove the product.  The off-gas is safely removed.

What can you do with your new ISASMELT™ F600?

  • Create your new flow sheet
  • Replicate your existing smelter facility
  • Test new ore bodies and feeds
  • Enhance your university’s capabilities
  • Grow your internal research expertise

Watch the Video: "World's First Portable Furnace"

Your needs will vary according to your site-specific conditions, so talk to us to understand how best to utilise your F600.  In the end, your new F600:

  • Lets you test new processes and feeds.
  • Provides clarity before and during various stages of a project.
  • Is quick, affordable and easy.

Contact the ISASMELT™ team today to join our F600 production line or complete the form below.

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