Easy to tune - quick to respond

Easy to tune - quick to respond

Layout and control systems 

Jameson Cells are supplied complete with all necessary valves and instrumentation and simple control philosophy to allow easy integration into your plant control system. All critical process parameters required for optimising flotation performance are automated, monitored and controlled. 

Constant performance with recycle 

To achieve optimum performance and steady operation the Jameson cell operates best when the volumetric flow and pressure through the downcomers are constant. Tailings recycle is employed to dampen 'normal' fluctuations occurring in the plant. As the fresh feed flow fluctuates, the amount of tailings recycled automatically adjusts so that a constant head can be maintained in the pump box to allow a constant flow to the downcomer via a fixed speed centrifugal pump. Once the cell is commissioned, very little operator input is required as the cell adjusts automatically to circuit conditions and feed flow changes. 

An added advantage of tailings recycle is an improvement in recovery due to the feed being passing through the downcomer a number of times. Circuit layouts are flexible depending on client requirements. Two tailings recycle options are available depending on the type of Jameson Cell chosen for the application. 

  • Internal recycle control with integral cell, pump and tailings recycle boxes for installation on one level. 
  • External recycle control allows for maximum flexibility in plant layout utilising gravity flow of products to the next stage.

Easy to Process Control System