The Albion Process™ and Jameson Concentrator Can Add Instant and Long-Term Value to Your Projects

Visit us at our PDAC 2024 Albion Process™ and Jameson Concentrator Workshops

Join our team of Scott Martin, Stanko Nikolic, Rebbecca McKechnie, Glenn Stieper and Matthew Dunn at PDAC 2024 where you will get valuable insights into the development of your flowsheet at our series of workshops. 

Learn how to unlock the value in your refractory gold at  'Refractory Gold 101: you’ve got it, now what do you do with it?'  and 'Refractory Gold 102: you know what to do with it, now how do you get there?'

Discover the innovation of the Jameson Concentrator, a low carbon solution for the flowsheets of the future at 'How Glencore Technology Can Reduce Your Concentrator's Capex, Opex and Energy Costs By 30-70% and Deliver The Same Throughput'.

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Do you want to get more from your refractory gold?

Refractory-locked gold has often been overlooked against more easily recoverable oxide free-milling gold.  But refractory gold is still of great value.  And if you can unlock that value, you’ll see it in your reserve and your balance sheet.

At PDAC 2024, these two workshops show you how to unlock it:

Refractory Gold 101: you’ve got it, now what do you do with it? 

This program will cover key considerations for unlocking and monetising your refractory gold deposit.  

Topics will include:

•    Overview of the value locked within refractory gold ores
•    Overview and comparison of real-world and commercialised methods for treating refractory gold
•    Staged approach to project CapEx to fund the extraction of your refractory gold to add it to the resource and reserve balance sheet

When: 8am-10:00am, Tuesday 5th March

Refractory Gold 102: you know what to do with it, now how do you get there? 

This program will show how your operation can unlock the value in refractory gold by covering key considerations for designing a refractory gold processing operation.  

Topics will include:

• Drill core to Plant CapEx, OpEx and design (including introduction to AACE engineering guidelines)
• Implementation: fast-tracked versus stage-gated process  
• Hub style processing plant approach and regional implementation

When: 8am-10:00am, Wednesday 6th March

These workshops are considered a two-part series. For this reason, it is recommended to register for both. To do this, select both tickets during registration. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

'Refractory Gold 101' and 'Refractory Gold 102'

How to recognise and unlock your refractory gold resource, and then realise that increase in value



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Choose Your Jameson Concentrator Workshop

How did Glencore Technology help a client reduce costs and energy by 30-70%?

Find out by reserving your seat today at PDAC 2024 for our free workshop. Explore the Jameson Cell flotation and IsaMill™ grinding technologies along with the Jameson Concentrator in this informative and open workshop.

1.    Learn how IsaMill™ can optimise your flowsheet through a smaller horizontal configuration, easier maintenance, and higher grinding efficiency.

2.    Discover how the Jameson Cell delivers an improved concentrate quality by using an optimum bubble size, fast residence time and no moving parts.

3.    Learn how Jameson Concentrator delivers the same concentrate for significantly less footprint, capital and operating costs and less energy.

4.    See real case studies and the latest performance results of the IsaMill, Jameson Cell, and Jameson Concentrator from installations in North America and worldwide.

Two session times will be available, covering the same material: 

Date: Monday the 4th of March
Session 1: 2:00 PM – 3:50 PM
Session 2: 4:00 PM – 5:50 PM

We look forward to meeting with you!

How Glencore Technology Can Reduce Your Concentrator's Capex, Opex and Energy Costs By 30-70% and Deliver The Same Throughput

See how the IsaMill™ and Jameson Cell are being combined to modernise minerals processing plants and drive innovation as the Jameson Concentrator, a low carbon solution for the flowsheets of the future



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Meet Our PDAC 2024 Team

Scott Martin

Director of Sales - North & Central America, Fellow of the CIM

Scott has 14 years’ of experience within the mining and mineral processing industry and is an expert within the North American field.

Scott has represented Glencore Technology for over two years now with impressive sales and growth within the area.

Scott possesses a clear vision for success with demonstrated aptitude to establish goals, develop strategies, solve problems, market new products and engage with key customers.

Matthew Dunn

Senior Metallurgist - Mineral Processing

Matthew Dunn is one of the Senior Metallurgists in Glencore Technology’s minerals processing team with a focus on the Jameson Cell and IsaMill™ technologies.

Matt has worked in a range of roles including operations, commissioning, and projects within the mineral processing industry.

His experience spans 10 years with roles at Glencore’s Mount Isa Mines and minerals processing consulting in Australia.

Glenn Stieper

Technology Manager - Mineral Processing

Glenn Stieper has over 23 years’ experience in the minerals processing industry encompassing project design and management, operational and asset management and global marketing and strategy.

Glenn is currently the Technology Manager for the Mineral Processing business at Glencore Technology.

Working in operations, commercial laboratories, design engineering and project management has resulted in a strong appreciation of the technical and commercial aspects involved in the minerals supply chain.

Stanko Nikolic

Technology Manager - Hydrometallurgy and Pyrometallurgy

Dr. Stanko Nikolic has over 15 years’ experience in the extractive metallurgy industry and has worked in numerous roles in technology, projects and operations.

Stanko holds a Ph.D (Metallurgy) and B.Eng (Minerals Processing) both from the University of Queensland and is currently the Technology Manager for the Hydrometallurgy and Pyrometallurgy business at Glencore Technology.

He works on development, studies, basic and detailed engineering projects and site construction/commissioning for the Albion Process™, ISASMELT™, ISACONVERT™, BBOC™ and other Glencore Technology owned technologies.

Rebecca McKechnie

Metallurgist - Hydrometallurgy

Rebecca McKechnie is a Hydrometallurgist with Glencore technology.

Her career in Metallurgy spans 15 years in front-end project development (scoping through to feasibility) for numerous projects, clients and commodities, across both Minerals Processing and Hydrometallurgy.

Rebecca joined Glencore Technology two years ago, after thirteen years in the consulting industry.

Her expertise lies in testwork protocols, result interpretation and application to plant design.

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