SME MinExchange 2024 is your chance to attend our exclusive presentations with Tucson Cathodes and Tankhouse Services!

We will have experts in Mineral Processing, Hydrometallurgy, Pyrometallurgy and Refining attending February's SME Conference.

Senior Process Engineer Addin Pranowo will be presenting with TCT's Sam Rasmussen at 2 sessions about the maintenance and refurbishment of Cathode Plates as well as implementing new technology in tankhouse conversion.  

You can also speak to our local Sales Director, Scott Martin, about the North American market, as well as Technology Managers Stanko Nikolic and Glenn Stiper, and Senior Metallurgist Rebecca McKechnie.

Read more about our participation at SME MinExchange 2024 below!


SESSION 1 - Automated Maintenance and Refurbishment of Cathode Plates

Date: 26/02/2024 
Time: 12:35 - 13:00 
Location: Stage 2 - Booth 1932

Plate repair is critical in keeping a tankhouse in efficient operation and to maximise availability. The plate repair activities can be done onsite or offsite depending on the type of repair and tankhouse’ s preference. 

An emerging best practice option in plate repair is to use a plate leveller for blade straightening. In this session we will share an idea of compact modular facility with robotic handling system that can be moved to customer’s plant for repair work onsite, reducing downtime. 

Presented by Addin Pranowo (Glencore Technology) and Sam Rasmussen (TCT)

SESSION 2 - Implementation of New Technology in Tankhouse Conversion and Greenfield Projects

Date: Tuesday, 27/02/2024
Time: 15:30 - 15:45 
Location: Stage 2 - Booth 1932

There are many tankhouse technology options to consider in greenfield and conversion alike.  New ER or EW plants tend to install the newest technology in their tankhouses. The same might apply for brownfield tankhouses doing conversion. 

One recent innovation being applied is tracking the life cycle of cathode plates with RFID tag system. After all, not only new cathode plates can be fitted with tags. Existing cathode plates can also be retrofitted, however are some challenges in integrating it with existing tankhouse setup. If these can be navigated properly then the results can be solid. 

Presented by Addin Pranowo (Glencore Technology) and Sam Rasmussen (TCT)

Our SME MinExchange 2024 Team

Scott Martin

Director of Sales - North and Central America

Scott has 14 years’ of experience within the mining and mineral processing industry and is an expert within the North American field.

Scott has represented Glencore Technology for over two years now with impressive sales and growth within the area.

Scott possesses a clear vision for success with demonstrated aptitude to establish goals, develop strategies, solve problems, market new products and engage with key customers.

Stanko Nikolic

Technology Manager - Hydrometallurgy and Pyrometallurgy

Stanko has over 15 years experience in the extractive metallurgy industry and has worked in numerous roles in technology, projects and operations.

Stanko holds a Ph.D (Metallurgy) and B.Eng (Minerals Processing) both from the University of Queensland and is currently the Technology Manager for the Hydrometallurgy and Pyrometallurgy business at Glencore Technology.

He works on development, studies, basic and detailed engineering projects and site construction/commissioning for the Albion Process™, ISASMELT™, ISACONVERT™, BBOC™ and other Glencore Technology owned technologies.

Glenn Stieper

Technology Manager - Mineral Processing

Glenn Stieper has over 23 years’ experience in the minerals processing industry encompassing project design and management, operational and asset management and global marketing and strategy. Glenn is currently the Technology Manager for the Mineral Processing business at Glencore Technology.

Working in operations, commercial laboratories, design engineering and project management has resulted in a strong appreciation of the technical and commercial aspects involved in the minerals supply chain.

Passionate and enthusiastic, Glenn is committed to delivering the best and most sustainable outcomes through problem-solving, strong customer focus, optimum asset utilisation and best practice policies.

Rebecca McKechnie

Senior Metallurgist - Albion ProcessTM

Rebecca is a Senior Hydrometallurgist with Glencore Technology.

Her career in metallurgy spans 15 years in front-end project development (scoping through to feasibility) for numerous projects, clients and commodities, across both Minerals Processing and Hydrometallurgy.

Rebecca joined Glencore Technology two years ago, after thirteen years in the consulting industry. Her expertise lies in testwork protocols, result interpretation and application to plant design.

Addin Pranowo

Senior Process Engineer - ISAKIDDTM

Addin Pranowo has 25 years of experience in copper refining.

He worked in two large copper refineries, PT Smelting in Indonesia and Olympic Dam in South Australia, before joining Glencore Technology's ISAKIDD™ Technology group in 2008.

With ISAKIDD™ Addin has been involved in plant commissioning, process troubleshooting, workshops, technical audits, design studies, and tankhouse start-up assistance in different electrorefining and electrowinning operations.


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