CMP Conference 2023

The Canadian Mineral Processors technical society is hosting its 55th annual national conference from January 17-19 at the Westin Hotel, Ottawa, and we are attending!

Glencore Technology will be hosting a short course on Jameson Cell Fundamentals. This is your chance to learn about the Jameson Cell's unmatched throughout from our industry experts. Click here for more information on the workshop and how to register.

Ion will also be presenting his technical paper, "Coarse Grinding on an IsaMill™?" which investigates the ability for coarse grinding through the use of our traditionally fine-grinding IsaMill™.

Our team of Scott Martin and Ion Gurnett will be in attendance for the duration of the CMP Conference so be sure to stop them and ask any questions you may have about our mineral processing technology. 

If you want to ask any questions before the conference, you can submit your enquiries here. Or you can download our Mineral Processing brochures below.

For more information on the CMP Conference 2023, head to their website


Keep reading to learn more about our participation in the CMP Conference 2023.

Short Course
Jameson Cell Fundamentals – More Concentrate Per Dollar, Per Metre and Per Year

This event is held in collaboration with CMP. To register for this Short Course, please first register for CMP Conference 2023 by clicking the link below.

Date: Monday 16th January 2023
Time: 10.30am-3.30pm
Location: Westin Hotel, Ottawa
Cost: $350

Language: English

The Jameson Cell is an established flotation technology that is applicable to all duties within a flotation circuit or concentrator. It delivers unmatched throughput, recoveries, grades, availability and stability.

This short course, presented by Jameson Cell Principal Metallurgist Adam Price and Senior Metallurgist Ion Gurnett, provides you with an understanding of how the technology works, how to size and prescribe the best model for any given application and how it worked and has been optimised in real-world case studies.

You will complete the course with enough understanding to know its applicability and scope as it may apply to operations you work in or advise.

This unmissable workshop will be hosted by North American mining expert and Fellow of the CIM, Scott Martin, and will feature panellists Matthew Taylor of HudBay Minerals Inc, Michelle Tuchscherer of Newcrest Mining and Rodrigo Araya of SNC Lavalin, who will be on hand for all your questions.

Register now and don't miss out!

Technical Papers
Coarse Grinding on an IsaMill?

Date: Thursday 19th January
Time: 9:30am

Language: English

When the IsaMill™ was first introduced to the market in the late 1990s, the target grind size was in the sub -10-micron range, and quickly established the leading position in the ultra-fine grinding market.

However, recent market trends have been observed that suggest that coarse particle flotation and feed sizes to stirred mills have slowly increased on average.

This paper aims to explain how an existing (or new) IsaMill™ can operate in a coarse particle duty and provide examples of testwork where success has been seen with feed coarser streams.

Authors: Ion Gurnett and Glenn Stieper

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IsaMill™ uses horizontal milling to secure better energy efficiency, product size and availability.


Jameson Cell flotation gives you more concentrate per dollar, per metre and per year.


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