Glencore Technology Announces Global PAM Formalisation

Glencore Technology Announces Formalisation of Service Deal with Global Physical Asset Management

Media release
Brisbane, Australia
3 September 2021


Glencore Technology have announced an important formalisation and commitment with Global PAM to deliver services to clients of IsaMill™ technology throughout North America.

Global PAM have significant capabilities in technology commissioning and asset management.  The company will support Glencore Technology through the installation, commissioning, and service of its fine-grinding technology, IsaMill™, predominantly in the United States and Canada.

Glencore Technology has had a long term relationship with Global PAM and some of the company’s key team members.  But elevating to a formal commitment is seen by Glencore Technology as providing its clients in the region with an alliance partner that is trusted.

Global PAM have been servicing IsaMill™ for 3 years and has worked with Glencore Technology on installations in Corbin, Teck and Las Bambas operations.

The company has significant experience in stirred mills, SAG and Ball mills and are a widely respected as general mill maintenance specialist.

IsaMill™ is seeing significant growth in North America, so Glencore Technology is keen to see clients receiving maintenance services from a local and respected provider.

Mike Hourn, Glencore Technology’s General Manager – Business Development, said “Glencore Technology has had a long term relationship with Global PAM, and we want to extend this to our IsaMill clients in the region.  It gives our clients a highly skilled partner we can trust and who shares our values”

Tom Shumka, President of Global PAM, said “We have solid experience in providing a complete Mechanical Mill Inspection of IsaMill™ applications and we're extremely impressed with the technology.  We've delivered full installation and commissioning support throughout all stages of the equipment.  So this formalisation is a natural progression for us.”

Global PAM intends to deliver Maintenance and Operational training for IsaMill™ applications as well as continuous improvement solutions to allow for improved operations of the fine grinding circuit, adding to its service, engineering and aftermarket scope.