Experience the Jameson Concentrator in 3D and attend our exclusive workshop only at Flotation 2023!

Hosted at the beautiful Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, Flotation is another staple MEI conference.

During Flotation 2023, you can experience what your very own Jameson Concentrator will look like using our VR Oculus. Be sure to speak to our team of Hans De Waal and Ryan Jones at our booth.

You can also hear about the latest Jameson Concentrator news at our exclusive workshop.

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Technical Presentation

Jameson Cell: 2023 Performance and Innovations Update

Sunday, 5 Nov 2023 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM SAST

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Language: English

Join Senior Metallurgist Ryan Jones who will give you a breakdown of the latest developments in Jameson Cell performance and innovation.

Jameson Cell has seen several key innovations across 2022 and 2023. These are delivering significant advantages to operations adopting Jameson Cell.

• Discover how the Jameson Cell works to optimise your operation

• Learn how the Jameson Cell is changing the flotation cell market for the better

• See proven results of Jameson Cell case studies from around the world

The Jameson Cell at Work

You’ll see four things in this video –
1.    What a Jameson Cell includes and what it looks like
2.    How the parts relate and flow
3.    What happens inside the cell itself
4.    And how its scale compares to a conventional circuit

Watch: Case Studies of Improved Copper and Moly Flotation with Jameson Cells

Hans De Waal

Hans de Waal received a National Higher Diploma in Extractive Metallurgy from Witwatersrand Technikon in 1994 and holds a Business Management Diploma from Wits Business School.

After graduating he joined Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Co. Ltd., fulfilling various production and technical duties as Process Metallurgist in the West Rand gold fields.

Hans earned 11 years of experience in the platinum industry, working on numerous concentrator operations for Anglo Platinum in technical and production management disciplines.

Hans joined Glencore Technology in 2008, providing consulting services to the minerals processing industry on fine grinding and flotation solutions as a Principal Metallurgist. He also supports the technical development of IsaMill™ Fine Grinding Technology.

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones is currently working in the Mineral Processing team at Glencore Technology with a focus on the Jameson Cell and IsaMill™ Technologies.

He has worked in both Operations and Projects within the mineral processing industry for 20 years.


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