Want to know how to launch an e-scrap recycling project from the ground up?

Attend TMS 2024 to find out why ISACYCLE™ is the cleanest, most efficient method of copper recycling on the market today.

You can also learn how to reduce your emissions and cut your operating costs with ISACONVERT™.

Our ISACYCLE™ and ISACONVERT™ presentations are your chance to learn more about our ISASMELT™ technology innovations and to network with our team of experts. So reserve your spot at these two events below!

Senior Metallurgist Dr Stuart Nicol and Senior Mechanical Engineer Jackson Emmett will be there for the duration of the conference, ready to answer your questions.



How To Recover Critical Metals from Consumer Products Using ISACYCLE™

Date: Monday 4th March 2024
Time: 12:15 - 13:30 hrs
Location: Hyatt Regency Orlando, Celebration 5 room

Join Dr Stuart Nicol, as he discusses how to launch an e-scrap or secondary copper recycling project from the ground up.

As e-scrap and copper recycling become a global focus, operations are turning to proven technologies to assist with upgrading their own operations.

The ISASMELT™ and ISACYCLE™ are proven, effective technologies that can be applied to e-scrap projects of any size.

Producing products and by-products with minimal waste product, the ISASMELT™ is the cleanest, most efficient method of copper recycling on the market today.

Learn the chemistry and the overall flowsheet behind an e-scrap and secondary copper recycling facility.

Then explore the advantages and disadvantages of different techniques, equipment, and furnaces in this unmissable workshop.

And have the opportunity to connect with the ISASMELT™ team to discuss your own projects and get advice from the experts on how to develop your own e-scrap project.

Register now, get involved in this exclusive session and one-on-one discussion with Glencore Technology's experts to discuss implementing the ISACYCLE™ to your projects.


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ISACONVERT™ Breakfast and Learn

Date: 19/06/2023 Time: 17:00 - 20:30 Location: Waldorf-Astoria New York 301 Park Ave, New York NY 10022, United States

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Our TMS 2024 Team

Stuart Nicol

Senior Metallurgist

Stuart is a Senior Metallurgist in the Pyrometallurgical team at Glencore Technology, specialising in ISASMELT™ and ISASMELT™ related technologies.

With over 10 years of experience in pyrometallurgy, Stuart has experience in both the design and operation of metallurgical plants across multiple commodities and processes.

He earned his PhD at the University of Queensland in PYROSEARCH, focusing his research on phase equilibria and reaction kinetics applicable to industrial operations.

Stuart’s current role includes the development and study of basic and detailed engineering projects, and site construction and commissioning for the ISASMELT™, ISACONVERT™, BBOC™ and other Glencore Technology owned technologies.

Jackson Emmett

Senior Mechanical Engineer 

Jackson Emmett is the Lead Mechanical Engineer for the Albion Process™ & Hydrometallurgy projects at Glencore Technology.

He has 20 years of experience in mining and metals and has been with Glencore Technology since 2018.

Jackson and the Albion Process™ team have developed the OxiLeach™ series of leach reactors in a variety of sizes to suit any application and throughput.


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