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Clean, cost-effective smelting with a high intensity submerged lance

Glencore Technology’s ISASMELT™ provides an innovative, high intensity, yet low cost submerged lance smelting process. It is simple to operate which can be used for a range of applications including copper and lead smelting as well as recycling.

The process is fully enclosed, and operates in regions with some of the toughest emission standards. The proven technology has been in operation for over 30 years, and achieves design targets quickly - ramp up times of 3 months are not uncommon - and are achieved with the training and support that Glencore Technology provides.

ISASMELT™ is installed in major lead and copper smelting and converting operations around the world, including Australia, USA, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, India, Malaysia, China, Kazakhstan and Zambia. More than nine million tonnes of copper-containing materials are smelted each year with ISASMELT™ technology.

Our Technologies
Fine Grinding

IsaMill™ uses horizontal milling to secure better energy efficiency, product size and availability.


Jameson Cell flotation gives you more concentrate per dollar, per metre and per year.

Jameson Concentrator

Jameson Concentrator delivers more concentrate from less footprint, less capital and operating cost, using less energy.


Albion Process™ leaches the broadest feed variations, costs less and ramps-up faster.

Gas Sparging

HyperSparge™ delivers more gas, with more availability for leaching and oxidation processes.

Slurry Storage

ZipaTank™ uses modular components to deliver a tank with reduced installation times and greater flexibility.

Cathode plates & Equipment

ISAKIDD™ delivers the best fit for purpose electrowinning and electrorefining in the real world.