Glencore Technology has a long history of providing solutions and expertise in electrowinning (EW) and electro-refining (ER) applications, including solvent extraction. In addition, tankhouse solutions work in hand with Glencore Technology pyrometallurgical solutions at sites having copper smelting and refining operations, providing an integrated solution for high quality copper production. EW and ER solutions include arange of cathode plates offerings, anode and cathode handling, automatic and robotic stripping machines, plant layout, solution and slimes handling as well others to provide a comprehensive solution.

Glencore technology has also developed a range of services that spans project development, reliability and process improvement, audits and benchmarking as well as others.

​Copper EW, Copper ER, Solvent extraction (copper, cobalt, uranium, nickel, zinc), Residue and slimes handling


​Copper operations (refineries, leaching), Smelter operations