Watch our team's ISACYCLE™ and BBOC™ technical presentations only at EMC 2023! 

Ben Hogg and Dr Stuart Nicol will be in Düsseldorf, Germany to discuss both technologies.

EMC 2023 is dedicated to hydrogen usage in metallurgical processes, with lithium as a key resource for the electrified age and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

ISACYCLE™ applies a leading base-metal processing technology to solve a major gap in the waste treatment sector.

It has been tested, proven and is now available in sizes that are suitable for both large and small waste treatment facilities.

The Bottom Blown Oxygen Cupel (BBOC™) lance system effectively addresses the major problems associated with direct oxygen injection.

It represents a major advance in precious metal refining technology with the ability to inject oxygen directly into the reaction zone achieving a quantum improvement in performance.

Ben's presentation times are TBA . To download the abstract, click here!

Stuart will present on Monday 12th June. To download the abstract, click here!

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Technical Presentations

Successful Operation and Commissioning of a BBOC™ for Silver Doré Production

Presented by Ben Hogg Dates: TBA Time: TBA

Language: English

The Bottom Blown Oxygen Cupel (BBOC™) represents a major and unique advance in precious metal refining technology. The ability to inject oxygen directly into the reaction zone, the area of greatest demand, means that the process achieves a quantum improvement in performance over alternative processes. This paper discusses the commissioning and operation results of this technology on a current site and the product quality achieved from the implementation of a BBOC™ furnace. Authors: Danilo Longu, Paolo Casu, Mark Prince, Oscar Mendoza, James Edwards, Davide Garofalo.

Download the Abstract

ISACYCLE™ for Small Scale Recycling Operations

Presented by Dr Stuart Nicol Dates: Monday 12th June Time: 14:00

Language: English

ISACYCLE™ helps you transform residual waste, including e-scrap, and transform it into saleable commodities… all for half the cost of traditional technology. This paper touches on the installation and operation of this technology and discusses the capabilities and advantages of the ISACYCLE™. Authors: Stuart Nicol, Damian Corrie, Ruan Kroukamp, Ben Hogg

Download the Abstract

Our EMC 2023 Team

Ben Hogg

Principal Metallurgist - ISASMELT™

About Ben

Ben has over 19 years’ experience in the processing industry, with extensive periods in various technical and management roles at the Mount Isa Mines (MIM) Copper Smelter. Ben holds a B. Eng. (Chemical) from the University of Newcastle, Australia and is currently a principal metallurgist in the pyrometallurgy business at Glencore Technology. The main pyrometallurgy business technologies are the ISASMELT™ and ISACONVERT™ furnace, which are safe, simple, flexible, and cost effective top submerged lance smelting and converting processes. The Glencore Technology pyrometallurgy team is involved in research, design, commissioning, site support, marketing, business development, peer review, and test-work for a range of non-ferrous smelting applications.

Stuart Nicol

Senior Metallurgist - ISASMELT™

About Stuart

Dr. Stuart Nicol is a Senior Metallurgist in the Pyrometallurgical team at Glencore Technology, specialising in ISASMELT™ and ISASMELT™ related technologies. With over 10 years of experience in pyrometallurgy, Stuart has experience in both the design and operation of metallurgical plants across multiple commodities and processes. He earned his PhD at the University of Queensland in PYROSEARCH, focusing his research on phase equilibria and reaction kinetics applicable to industrial operations. Stuart’s current role includes the development and study of basic and detailed engineering projects, and site construction and commissioning for the ISASMELT™, ISACONVERT™, BBOC™ and other Glencore Technology owned technologies.

Knowledge - Brochures

ISACYCLE™ eBrochure

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BBOC™ eBrochure

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