Waste and Resource Strategy Summit

Eliminate landfill and transform waste into valuable products. Attend the Waste and Resource Strategy Summit in Sydney, Australia to learn more.

This year's summit explores improving waste infrastructure and overcoming e-waste strategies by leveraging technology. So this is your prime opportunity to hear about ISACYCLE™.

We are proud sponsors of this event and our team of  Ben Hogg and Tara Ryan are keen to talk about how the ISACYCLE™ can virtually eliminate landfill.

Ben will be presenting "Reducing Landfill and Transforming Residual Waste into Safe and Valuable Products" during the summit.

This presentation will explain how we've repurposed the world’s most flexible smelter, the ISASMELT™, into an ISACYCLE™, taking e-waste and transforming it into saleable commodities: a slag that’s safe for construction materials and recovered copper.

Read on for more information about Ben's presentation and how to get in contact with our Waste and Resource Strategy Summit 2023 team.




Eliminate Landfill and Transform Waste into Valuable Products with ISACYCLE™

Date: 30 March 2023
Time: 2.20pm

Language: English

Can we eliminate landfill and instead transform residual waste into saleable products?

Glencore Technology has shown it can be done.

By re-purposing the world’s most flexible smelter, the ISASMELT™, into an ISACYCLE™, they’ve taken e-waste and transformed it into saleable commodities: a slag that’s safe for construction materials and recovered copper.

And they’ve virtually eliminated landfill.

The ISACYCLE™ has been tested in Australia, proven in a pilot plant and is now available as a project in sizes that are suitable for both large and small waste treatment facilities.

Ben Hogg will discuss all this, and more, during his presentation at this year's Waste and Resource Strategy Summit.

To request documentation on the ISACYCLE™ and information included in Ben's presentation, fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page and we'll be in touch.

Our Team
Ben Hogg

Principal Metallurgist - ISASMELT™

About Ben

Ben has over 19 years’ experience in the processing industry, with extensive periods in various technical and management roles at the Mount Isa Mines (MIM) Copper Smelter.

Ben holds a B. Eng. (Chemical) from the University of Newcastle, Australia and is currently a principal metallurgist in the pyrometallurgy business at Glencore Technology.

The main pyrometallurgy business technologies are the ISASMELT™ and ISACONVERT™ furnace, which are safe, simple, flexible, and cost effective top submerged lance smelting and converting processes.

The Glencore Technology pyrometallurgy team is involved in research, design, commissioning, site support, marketing, business development, peer review, and test-work for a range of non-ferrous smelting applications.

Tara Ryan

Undergraduate Metallurgist - ISASMELT™

About Tara

In her final year of Dual Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) and Economics at the University of Queensland, Tara holds a strong interest in strategy, engineering, and economics of sustainable systems; with particular passion for circularity and Net Zero impact within the resources sector.

Tara has explored various functions of Glencore’s mining and processing operations within student engineer positions, accumulating to nine months of full-time, and two years of part-time experience. This includes time working within Mount Isa Mines Copper Operations (MICO) Underground Mine, Copper Concentrator, and currently within Glencore Technology’s Minerals Processing and Pyrometallurgy teams.

Recent projects include low-energy minerals processing, and the nexus of waste management and mining with electronic waste recycling (urban mining), lithium-ion battery recycling, and municipal waste transformation.

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Albion Process™ leaches the broadest feed variations, costs less and ramps-up faster.

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