Comminution is Peru’s premier conference focused on mineral size reduction, and we will be attending this year's event!


Register for our Workshop, “ISAMILL™: Basics of Operation, Optimisation, and Latest Developments”. The workshop is being held Wednesday 30th November, with cocktails available after. Find more details here.

This event will feature an exclusive presentation and live cross to Certimin, where our IsaMill™ lab test model will be featured.  

During the conference, our IsaMill™ technology expert, Hans De Waal, will be presenting the technical paper, “IsaMill™ developments for improved environmental sustainable compliance and performance”. You can see Hans’ presentation on Day 2 of the conference.

Our team, Christian Pasten and Hans de Waal, will be happy to discuss our technologies with you so be sure to stop them to say hello. If you want to get in contact before or after the conference, fill out our contact form below.

Comminution 2022 is running over two days, from Thursday 1st December to Friday 2nd. To register, head to Comminution’s official website and we’ll see you there.


Keep reading to learn more about our participation in Comminution 2022.

FREE Workshop
ISAMILL™: Basics of Operation, Optimisation, and Latest Developments

Date: Wednesday 30th of November
Time: 17:00 – 20:00 hrs
Location: Sala 2 – Jose Antonio Deluxe Hotel

Cocktails and canapes served after.

Language: Spanish & English

Join ISAMILL™ expert Hans De Waal as he discusses the operating principles of an ISAMILL™, how the 1-1 accurate scale up can help you save energy, and how you can optimise your mill to save on OPEX.

What you will learn:
1. How the ISAMILL™ can be tailored to the specifications of your operation
2. How the technology is being developed and advanced in response to user feedback
3. Tricks and tips for maintaining and optimising your mill.

Technical Presentation
IsaMill™ developments for improved environmental sustainable compliance and performance

Friday, 2nd December
Session VII

Language: English

40 years ago, Mount Isa Mines identified technology outside of the mineral processing industry and formed a collaborative partnership with Netzsch-Feinmahltechnik in Germany, to develop their horizontal fine grinding stirred mills into a solution for minerals processing.

The result: The IsaMill™.

This paper will discuss the history, development and recent optimisations of flowsheets through the use of the IsaMill™.

Author: Hans de Waal

Use our IsaMill™ calculator to estimate your needs

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