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Flotation 21 Competition

Enter the MEI & Glencore Technology Flotation 21 Competition and win a US$2,000 voucher good for more than 270,000 hotels around the world!

At Flotation 2021, Glencore Technology is featuring the Jameson Concentrator.

To enter the competition, all you need to do is read this introduction page and guess the throughput of the Jameson Concentrator featured.

Register and enter

The first correct or the final closest guess wins.

Naturally, the competition is not open to team members of Glencore Technology or MEI, or the unnamed real world client this model is based on, or the EPCM working with us and our client operation.

It IS very much open to all other registrants of Flotation 21, so do hurry and register for this exciting conference.  Register, Here, if you haven’t already.

To help you work it out

To enter the competition, guess the throughput of the Concentrator in the picture.

Here’s a little about this Jameson Concentrator to give you some bearings…

It delivers more concentrate from less footprint, less capital and operating cost, using less energy.  So don’t let the size of the model sway you to assume a small throughput.

The Jameson Concentrator helps solve the conflict between higher performance expectations and lower quality of ore bodies.  So it broadly chases more with less. The Jameson Concentrator produces exceptional metallurgical performance even from challenging orebodies.

Keep in mind it can combine various configurations of Jameson Cell, modified and proven to process even larger volumes, and can add new generation small-footprint IsaMill™ technology where greater and precise liberation is needed.

Can you guess the throughput?

This model you see for the competition has the following configurations…

  • 2 x Jameson Cells (E4232/10 models) in Rougher duties
  • 1 x M5,000 IsaMill for regrinding
  • 3 Jameson Cells (E2352/6 models) in Cleaner duties

For those Jameson Cells, the ‘/10’ or ‘/6’ tell you how many downcomers are injecting the feed at high speed into the tank.

For more about Jameson Cells, visit Here.
For more about IsaMills, visit Here.

Don’t assume it’s like our others

The Jameson Concentrator has highly customisable flowsheets deployable by EPCMs to suit any client requirement.  So don’t assume this has identical properties to our other Jameson Concentrator installations.

It has been installed in Philex and New Britannia operations and is soon to be installed in Ozernoye operation, making that one the world’s largest Zinc operation.

The model you see here is for another project, entirely.

It’s based on industry learnings from over 133 IsaMill™ and 420 Jameson Cell installations across 30 years.  So the cells and the mill have constantly evolved and improved.

Four quick selling points – the Jameson Concentrator gives an operation –

  • Up to 60% footprint reduction for significant CAPEX savings
  • From 30–60% of the energy of a conventional flotation circuit
  • Significant reduction in moving parts and subsequent operating costs
  • Faster, easier and cheaper maintenance, more availability

Back to the competition…

Cheat – use the calculator

You might like to experiment with our full circuit online calculator.  It’s a great way to test your guesses and try to narrow your entries.

You’ll need to enter your details in the Calculator, but if you like just put ‘Flotation 21’ in the company field and we’ll know what you’re doing and not jump to email you.

However, understand our standard T’s and C’s still apply and by entering the competition you ARE opting in to our database.  You’ll probably get Concentrator-related material in the future.

Here’s a link to the Calculator.

Lastly, once you’ve got your guess, enter the competition using the form below, noting the rules and privacy collection notice.

Good luck!

How to enter and how the winner will be announced

We’ll announce the winner live at the opening of Flotation 21.  Be online to hear if you’ve won!

Rules and Privacy Collection Notice…

MEI (including partners, subsidiaries or affiliates) will collect your personal information (collectively, you or your) when you enter the MEI & Glencore Technology Flotation 21 Competition. MEI and Glencore Technology will use your personal information to identify you, communicate with you about the competition, and provide you with information related to the competition. We may share your personal information with only authorised third parties such as our technology providers, agents, consultants, and service providers such as accountants, lawyers and auditors. MEI and Glencore Technology are committed to protecting your privacy and will deal with your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policies.  Employees of MEI and Glencore Technology are not permitted to enter the competition.  Competition closes 5pm London time, Friday November 5th, 2021.  Voucher prize will be sent by mail to the winner within 14 days of the announcement of the winner.

I enter the MEI and Glencore Technology Flotation 21 Competition and consent to receiving updates, promotional material and marketing from MEI and Glencore Technology, on new products and offerings available.

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