Glencore Technology at Flotation 2022

We are proud platinum sponsors of this year’s Flotation 2022 conference.  

This year, come and see a showcase of the most important innovations in mineral flotation and concentrator plants in the South American region.

Visit our Glencore Technology stand, booth #1.  We’ll be offering one-on-one meetings to help solve your flowsheet challenges.

And you can catch two Glencore Technology technical paper presentations throughout the conference.

On Thursday 10th November after lunch, Jameson Cell Principal Metallurgist, Adam Price, will present “Commissioning and Initial Performance of the Jameson Concentrator at Hudbay’s New Britannia Mill”.

And on Friday 11th November, Marcobre’s Hernan Guerrero will present “Flotation of Mixed Copper Sulphide and Oxide Minerals in a Jameson Cell Using Sea Water at Mina Justa”

Principal Metallurgist Adam Price and South American expert Christian Pasten will also be taking one-on-one meetings during our Hotseat times

Visit the Flotation 2022 website to register.

Keep reading to learn more about our participation in Flotation 2022.

Technical Presentation
Commissioning and initial performance of the Jameson Concentrator at Hudbay's New Britannia Mill

Friday 11th November
Sala I - Session VII
12:10 – 12:40

Language: English and Spanish

The New Britannia Mill is a refurbishment project undertaken to maximise the value of the rich copper-gold ore within the Lalor deposit.

This paper describes the selection of the Jameson Concentrator and the subsequent commissioning journey of the component of the New Britannia Mill.

This operation commenced in July 2021 with commercial production declared in November 2021.

The ramp-up to date is tracking the Series 1A McNulty curve with copper and gold recoveries from the flotation circuit at +90% and +65%, respectively.

Authors: Matthew Taylor, Glenn Stieper and Ion Gurnett

Technical Presentation
Flotation of Mixed Copper Sulphide and Oxide Minerals in a Jameson Cell using Sea Water at Mina Justa

Friday, 11th November
Sala I - Session VIII
15:00 – 15:30

Language: English and Spanish

A single E4232/10 Jameson Cell unit was installed at Mina Justa, a greenfield copper project located in the Nazca province of Peru, in 2017.

In early 2021 the cell, along with the rest of the circuit, was commissioned and brought into normal operations, operating in a cleaner-scalper duty.

Preliminary results have shown that the Jameson Cell has been producing copper grades between 60-65% (Bn>Cc>Cp) with recoveries over 80%, greatly exceeding expectations.

This paper presents details about the Jameson Cells’ implementation and actual plant performance to date.

Authors: Hernan Guerrero, Christopher Anderson, Carter Lowence and Ryan Jones

Hotseat meetings with Adam Price

Thursday 10th November 2022
Friday 11th November 2022

Language: English

Attending Flotation 2022?

Learn more about our technologies including the Jameson Concentrator and the Jameson Cell.

Join Glencore Technology’s Principal Metallurgist Adam Price at our Stand 1 in Flotation to discuss how our technologies can help you achieve your flowsheet foals by booking in a Hotseat session!

In these Hotseat session, you can take a detailed look at the problems your operation is facing and discuss possible solutions with experts. Adam is experienced in providing guidance in detail calculations and flowchart information that will help you approximate results that you can share with your team.

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Hotseat meetings with Christian Pasten

Thursday 10th November 2022
Friday 11th November 2022

Language: English & Spanish

Attending Flotation 2022?

Learn more about our technologies including the Jameson Concentrator and Jameson Cell.

We invite you to book a Hotseat session with Christian Pasten who will be available at our booth #1 to chat with you during Flotation.

During your Hotseat session, Christian will use his experience, detailed calculators, and any flowsheet information you may want to share, to guide and provide you with estimated results for you to share with your team.

Book now and visit us at booth 1!

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