Copper 2022 Competition

What Can ISASMELT™ and ISACONVERT™ Deliver?

This is your chance to win a $USD 1,000 hotel voucher, good for more than 250,000 hotels around the world.  And if you attend the Conference Dinner and win, we will double your prize to $USD 2,000.

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It doesn’t matter if you can’t guess them all.  It’s about being the closest to right.  The winner will be the closest to correct in these answers.

Look at the pictures below.

On the left is a Double Flash smelter. The smelting furnace building measures 55m by 35m and the converting furnace building measures 55 m by 35 m. Together, let's say they can treat 1.6 Mtpa of copper concentrate.

On the right is an ISASMELT™ furnace and an ISACONVERT™ furnace – a “Double ISA” facility. The ISASMELT™ measures 25 m by 25 m and the ISACONVERT™ measures 25 m by 25 m.


To enter, you have 3 simple tasks relating to this Double-ISA installation.

All sections must have an answer, including your name, company and email.

The competition closes at 5pm on November 15, Santiago Time.

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ISASMELT™ Compendium of Papers
Our Technologies
Fine Grinding

IsaMill™ uses horizontal milling to secure better energy efficiency, product size and availability.


Jameson Cell flotation gives you more concentrate per dollar, per metre and per year.

Jameson Concentrator

Jameson Concentrator delivers more concentrate from less footprint, less capital and operating cost, using less energy.


Albion Process™ leaches the broadest feed variations, costs less and ramps-up faster.

Gas Sparging

HyperSparge™ delivers more gas, with more availability for leaching and oxidation processes.

Slurry Storage

ZipaTank™ uses modular components to deliver a tank with reduced installation times and greater flexibility.


ISASMELT™ deliver clean, cost-effective and high intensity smelting for the real world.

Cathode plates & Equipment

ISAKIDD™ delivers the best fit for purpose electrowinning and electrorefining in the real world.