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Technology: Mineral Processing
Creating an optimum fine grinding and flotation plant in 2021

When: Tuesday 30th March '21 (Australian time)

Brisbane | 4:00 pm
Cape Town | 8:00 am
Moscow | 9:00 am

Glencore Technology is pleased to present a new optimised flotation concentrator design with a reduced footprint, improved performance and a significant reduction in CAPEX and OPEX expenses. It shows how the “traditional conventional design” can be enhanced with a modern combination of key assets. Core to these are a combination of Jameson Cell and IsaMill™ in a full-circuit layout.

Language: English

This design is at least 50% smaller than the footprint of a “traditional conventional circuit design” but also reduces power consumption up to 50%.

This one-hour webinar highlights the combination of Jameson Cell and IsaMill™with a modern combination of key assets and layout, introduces new cases studies and walks through two projects utilising the new layout unfolding across 2021 and 2022.

Technology: IsaSmelt™
Smelter Feed Blending Master Class

When: Thursday 8th April '21 (Australian time)

Brisbane | 4:00 pm
Moscow | 9:00 am
Cape Town | Central Europe | 8:00 am

Traditional smelters and those built in recent times within the bulk smelting hubs of the world have been designed to treat standard/clean concentrates. In recent years the processing of complex polymetallic sulfide concentrates have become a key focus.

Language: English

Processing of these complex feeds, characterized by relatively high levels of minor elements (over 5% of elements such as arsenic, antimony, bismuth, lead, zinc and precious metals) is more challenging and requires the combination of both appropriate blending methods and the right smelting technology.

In this one hour Masterclass you will learn:

• Feed blending in smelting furnaces
• Arranging high-margin and unusual concentrates
• Flexibility of feeds that ISASMELT™ can treat

Technology: IsaMill™ and Jameson Cell at CIM Conference
IsaMill and Jameson Cell: Technology for the Future

Date: Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th April

Vancouver | Phoenix | 11am - 3pm
Mexico | 1 - 5 pm
Toronto | Montreal | 2 - 6 pm
Cape Town | Central Europe | 8 pm - 12 am

Join us for a two-day FREE workshop and learn more in depth about the basic and design principles on IsaMill™ & Jameson Cell to reduce footprint, save water and improve recovery.

Language: English

Glenn Stieper – Mineral Processing Manager
Ion Gurnett – Senior Metallurgist
Adam Price – Senior Processing Engineer

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Technology: Albion Process™
Maximising Gold Recovery in CIL | 4pm ONT, 3PM MEX

When: Thursday 13th May '21 (Latin America time)

Vancouver | Phoenix | 1:00 pm
Mexico | 3:00 pm
Toronto | Montreal | Santiago | 4:00 pm
Brisbane | 6:00 am | Fri 14th May

How is your existing plant running? Are you about to hit sulphides/ refractory-held gold in the near future? What is your mine plan showing?
This webinar explains how Albion has turned around gold recoveries.

Language: English

In this 30-minute session, you will learn:
• How Albion improves an existing CIL/ Flowsheet
• How it’s low-capital and high-tolerance
• How it’s proven technology
• Know the rudiments of how it works

Tecnología: IsaSmelt™
Clase Magistral - Preparación de Mezclas para Fundición

Cuando: Miércoles 19 Mayo '21 (América Latina)

Lima | Phoenix | Vancouver | 1:00pm
México | Peru | 3:00pm
Santiago | Toronto | 4:00 pm
Brisbane | 6:00 am | Jueves 20 Mayo

Esta Clase Magistral tiene duración de una donde podrás recorrer los sistemas y métodos que aplica Glencore Technology para completar la metodología de mezclados adecuados y la tecnología de fundición adecuada

Idioma: Español

Qué aprenderás:
• Preparación de mezclas para hornos de fundición, usando una versión moderna para visualizar diagramas trifásicos de la metalurgia del cobre.
• Organización de concentrados inusuales y rentables.
• Variedad de materiales de puede procesar ISASMELT™

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